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Speakers Panel discussion:

Moving toward sustainable road freight in Europe

How can the road freight industry stay both profitable and become more environmentally friendly over the next decade? How can the industry and regulators work together to keep European road freight sustainable and competitive? What will incentivise greater fuel efficiency and who should be responsible?

Claude Yvens, Editor-in-Chief of Truck Europe, moderated a debate on the future of the road transport industry in Europe with:

- Geoff Dunning, Chief Executive at the Road Haulage Association,

- Marc Huybrechts, President of CLECAT (European Association for forwarding, transport, logistic and customer services),

Mark Major, Clean transport & sustainable urban mobility unit, European Commission, DG MOVE

Alexander Körner, Energy Analyst, International Energy Agency

Theo Pas, Director Product & Services Planning, DAF Trucks N.V.

The debate invited fleets and industry to come together to discuss how the industry can improve its fuel efficiency to meet with the EU’s 2020 emissions reduction and energy efficiency targets.

Procuring for an efficient fleet:

Tools for measuring fuel, CO2 and cost savings in equipment procurement

What is the most cost-efficient way for fleets to achieve fuel efficiency? Which measures can fleets take that will be both affordable and effective? How can fleet managers know which measures will bring them fuel savings?

Laurent Colantonio of Goodyear Dunlop and Francoise van den Broek of Dutch transport consultancy NEA and MJPM Wijngaards, Director, Corporate Affairs, Jan de Rijk Logistics presented an innovation that will help fleets to better understand fuel costs and the efficacy of their fuel efficiency investments.

The innovative approach was unveiled and explained at the symposium, and a fleet that piloted the tool, was on hand to report on the benefits it offers fleet managers.

Workshop I:

The key implications of the EU 2011 Transport White Paper for fleet managers

Moderated by Martina Shchuryk, Manager, Government Affairs, Goodyear Dunlop Europe

How will the EU’s plans for transport policy change the working environment for European fleets? Will strengthened regulations to tackle air pollution mean higher costs for the road freight industry? How can regulators offer a helping hand to fleets struggling to meet rising fuel costs?

In this workshop, Remi Mayet from the European Commission detailed the EU’s plans for regulating the sector, while Marc Billiet from the International Road Transport Union and Tom Antonissen from the Association of European Vehicle Logistics were on hand to explain how these new regulations will affect fleet managers on the ground.

This workshop offered the chance to find out about the coming EU regulation and begin preparations for adapting to it, and to interact with the policy-makers who regulate the industry.

Workshop II:

Coping with the rising demands of end-customers to be more environmentally friendly

Moderated by Jan-Piet Huylebroeck, Sales Director, Truck Tires, Goodyear Dunlop Europe

How is the sustainable business agenda transforming the market? What are customers demanding from their fleets? What opportunities are there for competitive advantage in this new business environment?

In this workshop, Collin Bootsveld, Project Engineer at Colruyt Group, provided a case study of how it has worked with end-customers to bring down their supply chain CO2 emissions and how they achieved this while remaining profitable and maintaining delivery standards. Nina Renshaw from Transport & Environment explained how much fleets’ end customers will be increasingly demanding such improved environmental performance from their logistics suppliers, and how fleets can tailor their operations to take advantage of this trend.

This workshop offered the opportunity to explore a growing trend in the road freight industry and to share ways to gain competitive advantage in a changing marketplace.

Workshop III:

Best practice in reducing fuel consumption. Case study from a fleet manager

Moderated by Philippe Margot, Associate Engineer, Customer Engineering Solutions, Goodyear Innovation Center Luxembourg

How can fleets improve their fuel efficiency? What are the most cost-effective investments? What not only works in the laboratory, but delivers results on the road?

There are many ways to reduce fuel consumption, and many manufacturers make claims that their device or programme can slash costs. However, fleet managers often find that some investments can’t deliver the promised savings outside of ideal conditions. In this workshop, Benny Smets from NinaTrans and Gandert van Raemdonck, Researcher, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering at Delft University of Technology debated with Marco Digioia from the EUTR about the practical measures and programs fleet managers can implement to achieve their goals.

This workshop offered the opportunity to hear pragmatic and realistic ways to reduce fuel consumption from other fleet managers, and to discuss how your fleet can save fuel.

Workshop IV:

Implications of the Tire Labeling Regulation for the fleet industry

Moderated by Lie Junius, Director, Public Affairs, Goodyear Dunlop Europe

What do the EU’s new tire labeling standards mean for fleet managers? What are the reasons for its introduction? How could European fleets benefit from its introduction?

In this workshop, Fazilet Cinaralp, Secretary General, European Tire and Rubber Manufacturers Association, Erik Huisman, Director, Bakker Logistiek, and Henk Van Tuyl, Director Tire Technology, Commercial Tires, Goodyear Dunlop EMEA, explained what the EU’s new labeling standards for tires, due to come into force November 2012, will mean for fleets. The discussion covered what information the labels will contain, why the EU is introducing the labels, and how the labels can help fleets improve their tire procurement policy.

This workshop offered the opportunity to learn about an upcoming EU regulation that will affect fleets and to learn how fleets can turn the regulation to their benefit.

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The event will gather transportation policy makers from the EU and Member States, transportation media, vehicle manufacturers, industry...

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January 25, starting 8am, at the Renaissance Hotel, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium



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