Driving fleet fuel efficiency: The Road to 2020

The recently published European Commission’s 2011 guidelines on sustainable transport up to 2050 called out the critical importance of helping the road freight sector use less fuel while delivering the same high quality logistics service that underpins the wider economy.  

In a new research report to be published in January, Goodyear Dunlop explores how Europe’s road hauliers are preparing to deal with an era of rising costs and tightening emissions regulation.  How will commercial fleets remain both effective and sustainable? With the industry at a crossroads, the report will answer these questions through expert interviews with industry and policy makers, as well as a original research amongst more than 400 European fleet managers.

Rising fuel prices and a stricter regulatory environment have called the sustainability of Europe’s road freight industry into question.  With 15% of European fleets predicting environmental regulation will cost them out of business by 2020, the report ‘Driving Fleets’ Fuel Efficiency’ has been published to help fleet managers navigate an increasingly complex regulatory environment in order to thrive in spite of these changes.

In this report, whose findings will be launched at Goodyear Dunlop’s Driving Fleet Efficiency Symposium, leading policy makers, industry representatives, engineers, and fleet managers share their views on the factors driving a changing business environment, and the engineering, policy and managerial options that can help the industry change for a sustainable future.

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