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A tool enabling managers to estimate the yearly monetary return and the potential CO2 reductions from their investments in fuel efficient tires, aerodynamic devices, and driver training Click here for more


Driving Fleet Fuel Efficiency, The Road to 2020: a report outlining the challenges facing the road freight industry and the solutions available to fleet managers. Click here for more


On January 25 2012, the symposium gathered managers of the largest fleets in Europe, industry experts, experts in the latest fuel-efficient technologies, and policy-makers. Click here for more

Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is certainly the number one concern of fleet managers today, gaining critical importance over the past ten years. As a result, fleet managers have made significant effort to shape the on-truck and logistical innovations that are now driving down the cost, and environmental impact, of fuelling a fleet.

Goodyear Dunlop’s engineers and fleet advisors are constantly working on innovations and together with their customers to improve its products and services to help fleets control their energy costs, decrease their carbon footprint, and increase profitability and client satisfaction.

This web portal is dedicated to Europe’s fleet managers and road haulage experts, giving them a place to share opinions and best practice as they navigate their own journeys to a profitable, sustainable industry far into the future.

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Fuel Calculator

Buying for the future: Find out how much money and CO2 you can save by making smart investment choices today


On January 25, 2012, European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas delivered the keynote address at Goodyear Dunlop's inaugural fleet symposium “Driving fuel efficiency in Europe’s road freight transport”.



The European Commission’s 2011 guidelines on sustainable transport up to 2050, published in 2011, called out the critical importance of helping the road freight sector use less fuel while delivering the same high quality logistics service that underpins the...


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